DAY 1 | Public Lecture: The Paris climate deal: origins, ambitions and implications
20 September | Oxford Town Hall
4.30pm | Doors and conference registration opens.
5pm | Launching the 1.5 Degrees International Conference the University of Oxford is proud to present a special evening of keynote speeches and discussion from some of the key figures behind the historic Paris Climate Agreement:
  • Laurence Tubiana, French Ambassador for climate negotiations
  • Tony de Brum, the force behind the High Ambition Coalition
  • Nebojsa Nakicenovic, IIASA and IPCC scientist
  • Janos Pasztor, Senior Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Climate Change, United Nations
The evening will be opened by Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson and will be moderated by the award winning Environment Correspondent at the Financial Times, Pilita Clark.
Read more about the public lecture.

21 Sep

DAY 2 |  Why 1.5 degrees? Keble College 




  • Parallel session  |  Sensitivity of Earth Systems  |  Chair: Michael Oppenheimer

    • Carl-Friedrich Schleussner

    • Hideo Shiogama

    • Jeff Price

    • Karim Bergaoui

    • Paul Bowyer

    • Bruce Forbes

    • Michael Wehner

    • Emily Shuckburgh

  • Parallel session  |  Impacts of 1.5 degrees  |  Chair: Richard Washington

    • Arthur Lutz

    • Michiel Schaeffer

    • Katharine Mach

    • Katja Frieler

    • Saiful Islam

    • Shouro Dasgupta

  • Parallel session  |  Implications for adaptation  |  Chair: Debra Roberts

    • Meghan Bailey

    • Mike Morecroft

    • Nijavalli Ravindranath

    • Robert Nicholls

    • Roger  Street

    • Peter Frumhoff

    • John Antle and Cynthia Rosenzweig

  • Parallel session  |  Mitigation pathways  | Chair Nick Eyre

    • David Dewar

    • Alice Bows Larkin

    • Klaus Lackner

    • Monika Zurek

    • David Keith

    • Henrik Karlsson

    • Bronson Griscom


  • Poster session


Drinks reception and gala dinner for conference delegates at Keble College.

22 Sep

DAY 3 |  How to achieve 1.5 degrees? Keble College





  • Parallel session  |  Mitigation pathways  | Chair: Joeri Rogelj

    • Gunnar Luderer

    • Fei TENG

    • H. Damon Matthews

    • M J Mace

    • Yann Robiou du Pont

    • Pierre Friedlingstein

    • Charlie Wilson

    • Marcia Rocha

    • Oliver Geden

  • Parallel session  |  Finance  |  Chair: Ben Caldecott

    • Irene Monasterolo

    • Peter Wheeler

    • Tobias Schmidt

    • Emanuele Campiglio

    • Jaap Waverijn

    • Luigi Carafa

  • Parallel session  |  Social and behavioural change  |  Chair: Harald Winkler

    • Harald Winkler

    • Jean-Pascal van Ypersele

    • Sonja Klinsky

    • Claude Henry

    • Tais Gadea Lara

    • John Magrath

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