- Each theme applies for poster or oral presentations

- Oral presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes (questions included)

- Questions under themes are for guidance, we will consider other ideas too  


1.         Sensitivity of Earth Systems and biodiversity



  • How will the Earth System respond to 1.5°C of warming above pre-industrial levels?

  • How does this response compare with 2.0°C or more warming?

  • By how much does 1.5°C warming reduce the risk to key elements in the Earth System e.g. ices sheets, carbon cycle feedbacks, ocean/atmosphere oscillations?



2.         Human impacts of 1.5 degrees



  • What will be the costs and human impacts of 1.5°C of warming above pre-industrial levels?

  • Where will these human impacts will be located?

  • How do those impacts compare with those projected for 2.0°C or more warming?



3.          Implications of a 1.5 degree target for adaptation



  • How should be plan for adaptation in the context of a 1.5°C target?

  • What are the wider implications for adaptation of the Paris Agreement and how do these interact with the 1.5°C target?


4.         Mitigation pathways for 1.5 degrees



  • How should the 1.5°C goal be interpreted?

  • What are the mitigation pathways that would achieve a 1.5°C target?

  • What does this imply for different economic sectors and on what timescales? How should this responsibility be shared between different nations?

  • Is it possible to reach a 1.5°C target without negative emissions technologies?


5.          Financing 1.5 degrees



  • What scale of finance would be required to achieve a 1.5°C target?

  • How might this finance be mobilised e.g. via IFIs and the private sector? How should finance be allocated between different nations?



6.        Societal and development implications of the Paris Agreement



  • Is it possible to achieve a 1.5°C target whilst also meeting countries’ development objectives, in particular in less developed countries?

  • How can innovation be promoted with sufficient urgency?

  • What amount of behavioural change could be required to achieve a 1.5°C target? 

  • What are the possible distributive/compensatory/intergenerational justice implications of increasing the mitigation ambition to achieve 1.5 degrees, keeping in mind the existing geopolitical realities?




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